Why Procoat?

We have no comprise on the quality of material used and the kind of hard work and diligence we generate to produce the best result in everything we venture into.


There is a team of highly qualified and experienced people running the whole organization with dedication and care. Assisted by a team of expert workers who are well-trained and experienced in various surface preparation methods and application of industrial coatings, dedicated wholeheartedly to what they do, Integrity and safe work practices as their priority.

All our people are well trained and motivated individuals that want to see our customers succeed. Our team understands honest hard work, and together we have a millennium’s worth of experience under one roof. Technically speaking, we are the experts in all kinds of ‘SURFACE PREPARATION & PROTECTIVE COATING’ and is the back bone of everything that fights against corrosion.

Our commitment is to continuously empower our employees through various training programs and there by improve the satisfaction of our customers.

The welfare of our employees and the trust of our clients are the two foundations on which PRO-COAT is built. We believe that by ensuring this, our growth will naturally happen.


  • Technically Competent Management
  • Skilled and experienced Technical staff / Fabricators / Blasters / Industrial painters etc
  • Sufficiently equipped with advanced machinery and tools to carry out any industrial project
  • Expert and experienced inspection team to maintain quality
  • Reputable track records of successful execution with leading organizations
  • Strong network with leading manufacturers / suppliers / professional

Plant and Equipment

  • Well-equipped work yard admeasuring 50000 Sq.Ft
  • Sand Blast Pots – Make : Clemco & Blastline
  • Airless Spray Pumps – Make : Graco, Blastline, Banco
  • Air Compressors – Screw driven type
  • Plural Pump
  • Heavy duty floor grinder
  • Welding and cutting machines
  • High Pressure washer equipment – Fuel & Electric
  • Elcometer DFT testing equipment
  • Elcometer chloride testing unit
  • Elcometer weather gauge
  • Elcometer steel temperature gauge
  • Drilling machines
  • Grinders, Power tools etc
  • Paint mixers : Pneumatic & Electric
  • Air Venturies
  • High Pressure Air Blowers
  • High volume exhaust fans
  • Internal Pipe Blasting & Painting units
  • Scaffolding units
  • Power generators
  • Trucks & high-up
  • Transport vehicles
  • Pick-ups